Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Rhetorics and Stereotypes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Rhetorics and Stereotypes - Essay Example Rhetoric and stereotyping go well with each other especially that people are using rhetoric to influence and keep stereotyping in practice. Stereotyping is also â€Å"implanted† in the mind from the early age and it is difficult to battle with, especially that the rhetoric acts on the mind as a persuasive tool.   Stereotyping is the concept which binds people with similar traits or attributes in a particular class. Stereotyping has its positive and negative impacts. Most of the people associate it with the discriminatory act against groups. Stereotyping promotes the group evaluation and value rather than individuals. People belonging to one stereotype are presumed to have traits which are attributed to that particular class regardless of the individual identities of people and their traits. Stereotyping, hence, creates difficulties for people who belong to a particular stereotype group but have different traits like politicians who are mostly known as corrupt people regardless of the individual nature and qualities of politicians. Stereotyping and its effects are different on every group. This paper, however, aims to analyze the Politicians, Tattooed persons, feminists and senior citizens as the major discussion in the field of rhetoric and stereotyping. The tattooed individuals are bound together in a single stereotyping group as per their similar practice of tattoos on their body. The similar trait of signing tattoos may differ in design, maxims, slogans, message and size. This stereotyped group is often associated with rockers, punks, criminals etc. In other words we may say that these people are not regarded as reverend as soldiers, older people, teachers etc. the group called feminists represents those who are highly in favor of equality and/or superiority of women over men. The people associated with this group are more concerned about freedom and rights of women in the society. People often consider them to have the feelings of

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