Friday, October 11, 2019

Comparing two fictional novels

Telling the difference between two fictional novels is a simple task but finding a similarity within them both is a hard thing to do, or so you may think. When I think of the comparison of the two novels, which I need to pick, there are many books In which I have read before but none as interesting as what I am about to share. One of the books is â€Å"Daughter of the Sea, Hannah† by Kathy Lacks. The other one Is â€Å"The Fallen† by Thomas E. Singsongs. Let us look at the differences between the two novels In the next paragraph.One of the differences Is the thickness of the book and the size of the words. The novel â€Å"Daughter of the Sea, Hannah† Is obviously for smaller kids around five to ten to read as the words are huge and the thickness of the book Is quite thin. Meanwhile â€Å"The Fallen† Is squeezed with tiny little words and Is bounded together In a thick stack. A teenager like me would read one of this. There are even more differences than th ese. The plot of â€Å"Daughter of the sea, Hannah† revolves around an orphan girl as she gradually finds out more about herself as she grows up.She is not like a normal human being but actually something else†¦ The Fallen† is a novel about a teenage boy having odd events happening around him when he later finds out that he is actually the son of a fallen angel. These two novels have not only different kinds of themes but also different kinds of sentence structures. As you know that the novel â€Å"Daughter of the Sea, Hannah† is one for the lower grades to read, it will definitely be filled with simple sentences such as: â€Å"Whatever the creature was, it looked free, utterly free. And â€Å"Hannah could not quite believe it. † These sentences are simple to allow the lower grades to understand the novel better. While, the novel â€Å"The Fallen† as sentences like: â€Å"As intolerable as the voices had become, the sudden lack of them was eq ually extreme. † and â€Å"The door began to slowly open with the high-pitched whine that Tom had been threatening to put oil to since the summer, and three men entered on a powerful gust of wind. † Can you see the differences between them now? † Now, lets move on to the similarities of these two novels.So what makes these two books so different yet so similar? One of it is the plot of these two books. In both stories, the main character is put into hard positions where they have to make decisions that might change they're lives forever. Not only that, both main characters meet new people on their quest and also fall in love. I did not notice they were that similar until I really thought about It. When you read a novel, you do not usually compare the characters with others from another novel.But I noticed that between these two books, both the mall characters are orphans and both have kind, caring and strong characteristics. Whereas for the villain, has a strange, cruel and twisted personality. Every good novel needs a good ending sentence. â€Å"Daughter of the Sea, Hannah† concludes Its story with: â€Å"l am not alone! There Is a world out there. While â€Å"The Fallen† concludes Its novel with: â€Å"By touch he found what was needed, a twelve-Inch blade that glinted sharply In the beams of sunlight that streamed in through openings In the boarded-up windows. The first word that came into my mind was confidence. Why? Because they show me that they what. Something really interesting about the similarities about these two books is that the authors of these two books had me thinking and reflecting to myself. I thought; â€Å"If I were to make an important decision in the future, will I choose the right one? Can I be as strong as them if it goes wrong? Or will I Just snap like a twig and break down? I can see what the authors of these two books was trying to show us and I felt what they wanted me to feel. It's amazing how di fferent these books are and yet how similar they can be. May they be from different genres, for different age groups and with different plots. There will always be a similarity between any two fiction books of any kind. When you compare and contrast two very different books, using you brain and a little bit of you literature knowledge, you will be able to spot the similarities as soon as a strike of lightning.

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