Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Case study 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

2 - Case Study Example They fail to understand why the separation has happened and then end up having so much stress in themselves. Relationships however do not just work on the basis of inherent and goodness nature of the human beings (Cushman and Cahn 87). Another source of stress in relationships is the fact that there are frantic efforts to change the partners. Such things hardly happen because there are so many people that have backgrounds that have created them into the people that they are. Past experiences have made it possible for people to have specific characteristics. The anger and resent that follows these efforts are so critical that there so much stress that follows up (Romero 43). There are also some issues that happen in relationships and these may be a cause of a lot of stress if they are not handled well. One of them is the issue of blame game. There are people who are difficult to deal with and all the blame is always diverted to the other person. With the sense of guilt by virtue of no t having taken part in the issue that caused the concern, it becomes very hard for the ‘victim’ to take the blame. People are created differently. The issue of ‘kicking your seeing-eye dog’ supports the source of this stress. This issue is based on the principle that opposites attract (Fine and Harvey 22). One person may be a fanatic of sports for instance while the other, loathes sports. There is no clear cut point of focus as far sharing the hobbies is concerned. This culminates into not spending so much time together hence a stress of loneliness and misunderstanding. Some people handle relationships and stress differently. These are people who view stress as not being a big part of relationships but should be part of relationships. These people understand the fact that there are stresses that are acquired in the relationship and others are experienced outside the relationship. Therefore, combining these two is a suicidal issue that poisons the relationsh ip. Stresses that are obtained from the relationship should therefore be handled in the relationship amicably and the stresses experienced outside the relationship should also be handled outside (Rockwood 471). The situation as expressed by Mary is that of need for understanding in a situation where there are people with two different goals in the relationship and in life. She is so much into the other person Dewayne but he does not feel the same way. An analytical view of the case in which she confronts him after spotting him with another girl entering a restaurant is not proof enough to warrant a confrontation. Equally important is the fact that DeWayne lied to her that he was going for some study only to be seen with another girl. The fact that they had also discussed about later commitments in life makes the case even more complicated for Mary. She is suffering from the stresses of trusting him so much yet there are indications that she did not understand him to the required lev el, possibly due to lack of effective communication. Mary’s perceptions about the relationship were very valid and realistic going by the length of time they had been together. Two years allow individuals in a relationship to be able to understand each other and create a relationship that is bound to withstand the waves of time. DeWayne tends to adapt the characteristic of an individual considered to be difficult by social psychologists. This is the

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