Monday, October 7, 2019

How the evolution of democracy in the United States has effected the Research Paper

How the evolution of democracy in the United States has effected the emergence of democracies in Israel and Yemen - Research Paper Example Moreover, internationally the country has maintained a steady path on Democratic gains because it embraces fundamental freedoms, which allow citizens and rights groups to put the government into accountability on issue touching on the welfare of the general public. Fundamentally, the U.S. is regarded as one of the most advanced societies as far as democracy is concerned even though it has been facing evolution in its democratic space, occasioned by different regimes that have come into power (Pillar, 2001). Conversely, democracy in the United States of America has been evolving over the years to align itself it with the country’s foreign policy. For instance, during the administration of George W. Bush, the nation stepped up the call for democratic modes of governance in developing countries especially those in Asia, to enable to implement its foreign policy to a region perceived to be anti-America (Rosati and Scott, 2011). Israel has been one of the longest allies of America in the Middle East and it has rose to its current status due to immense investment that the US government has poured into the nation, to safeguard it from neighbouring Islamist nations that want to wipe it off. After the Second World War the Nazis wanted to eliminate the Jews however, the American government made stringent efforts to ensure Israel is recognized as an independent state and luckily this came to pass due to sympathy from a number of nations that shared the pity of what the Jews had undergone. This happened through a veto vote by USA in the United Nations Security Council that paved way for Israel to be recognized internationally as an independent nation. Conversely, it is imperative to note that the journey of the long story of bilateral relations between the Unites States of America and Israel begun from the very moment the country attained autonomous status of being an independent nation (Dye and Zeigler, 2003). The American government extended a lot of resources

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