Saturday, August 10, 2019

Why Group Work is Important Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Why Group Work is Important - Research Paper Example Learning and working in groups entails communal and/or academic values, resources, and techniques of accomplishing tasks. Successful groups find out ways to do well by combining these factors. A group and each individual in it will only be as effectual as they are eager to value disparities among each group member. Carrying out group projects require professionalism in its superlative form. Professionalism means completing each and every task of your project efficiently and effectively. To do that, one needs to identify a problem and how to go about solving that problem. If one follows a problem-solving process, then the results would be more fruitful than otherwise. To all intents and purposes, a problem is not something which could be easily jettisoned. From a utilitarian’s point of view, a procedure or a generalization should be applied. When I have been assigned a project, I would always carry out a pre-project analysis or what I call a feasibility analysis of the project, which encompasses the practicability and the likelihood of the project to be accomplished efficiently and effectively (and before the deadline). FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS: As a group member I always tried to make out a situation where the shoe pinches or where the problem lies in the project. Not identifying and accepting a problem has been a major reason why problems get graver and panic starts creeping in. Identifying and accepting a problem in a project is like finding a remedy beforehand. Individuals and groups who have never thought of something big or novel in their lives have never made their mark in this corporate world. They haven’t ever won their laurels in any field of activity and the reason for their fiasco has been that they have never recognized how to debug the problems in their project. Another important technique that I as a group member applied was that I always realized a project’s complexity. This phase necessitates a detailed and noteworthy examinatio n. The complexities of some projects are not apparent: they are hidden and shallow.  

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