Thursday, August 8, 2019

Use of English Language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Use of English Language - Essay Example On the other hand, non-verbal surpasses verbal communication, given that people depend on non-verbal for expressing their ideas since when they are born. In this case, due to innate attributes of non-verbal behaviors, this leads to its significance in communication. For instance, some people use body gestures and facial expressions before uttering sentences, whereby they try making sense through symbolic messages. Furthermore, non-verbal cues are considered trustable they are elicited unconsciously by people through their behaviors. Moreover, there is the notion that non-verbal cues are not delusional; in fact, member of this community have a conviction that non-verbal messages are applicable where verbal messages are contradicting. In this case, people focus on creating the meaning of their non-verbal behaviors through attachment of meaning by observing what others are doing. Therefore, symbolic messages assist people in interpreting intentions of the speaker, and this is an indicat ion of the significance of non-verbal communication in the process of interpretation. In this case, non-verbal communications are considered very helpful in a situation whereby people do not understand messages communicated by a person through verbal communication. In addition, there is the deprivation of an interpreter to fall back on other ways of facilitating understanding of the speaker. In this situation, the non-verbal communication is utilized to offer subtle hints regarding the way a message should be understood.... In this case, people should avoid using gendered adjectives that are considered irrelevant such as â€Å"lady doctor†, â€Å"male nurse,† or â€Å"woman lawyer†. Issues of exclusion through language use involve explicit gender dichotomies, which are involved in social and linguistic awareness of speakers. In fact, this depends on whether there are social implications of gender non-stereotypical linguistic terminologies. Nevertheless, in order to identify this exclusion, there is need to analyze and pay attention on the stereotypical gender binarities, which are associated with social awareness and linguistic. For instance, there are divergent cultures and languages presented as indicative can lead to gender polarization, which is reflected in global and local trends of perception towards language. There are complex interdependencies, which exist between gender and languages can be explored in regard to theories associated with language and gender interplay; for i nstance, there are social cognitive approaches and social constructionism (Wolfgang, 23). Therefore, gender stereotypes are considered inherent based on the perception and application of language. Nonetheless, language and gender stereotypes may be assumed, while the discussion is based on the conceptualization of languages and gender, thereby referring to impact of gender stereotypes on language perceptions. Interesting Event Involving Language within the Community One of the most interesting events involving language within a community involves a special public or semi-public event, where an organization seeks to develop a sense of â€Å"political correctness†. In fact, this event starts with a short opening speech and

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