Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Policy brief for globalization Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Policy brief for globalization - Research Paper Example changes triggered the increment of business transformation and IT investments.2 Irrespective of the fact that the entry of IT into the field of business operations was disruptive to workers and also businesses, it had a major influence on the two areas, and the impacts contributed to the growth of productivity, income, employment levels and a reduction in inflation levels. The institution of a more in-depth diffusion of IT in the economy of the US is likely to trigger another wave of production increment. Towards the realization of that, the producers based in the US should increase the production of hardware, as well as services and software, which will trigger a reduction in the prices of services and software.3 The outcome will be the reduction in the overall cost of accessing and employing IT systems for more businesses, which will trigger the incidence of a second productivity boom.4 Apart from increasing the production of the software, hardware and the services produced in the US, the services and the software that are imported at expensive rates can be produced locally, which will reduce the costs of the packages, taking into account that the production facilities will be closer to the customers; the products and services can also be produced with the specific specifications of businesses in American. The globalization of IT services and software will imply that some of the IT employment offered by the facilities will be transferred to overseas production centers. However, with the increasing uptake of IT services and software packages within the borders of the US, high-skill capacity for the development of IT services and software packages will be increased within the American IT sector, and the employment positions requiring the usage of these skills will become abundant throughout the American society. The conclusion of this policy brief is that the globalization of the production of IT hardware will offer the model required for the evolution of

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