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Tennessee History Essay Sample free essay sample

The 1940’s is the wake of the Great Depression every bit good as the oncoming of World War II. During this period. about all provinces in US were still enduring from the reverberation of many unfortunate events. In the early 1940’s. Tennessee saw a beginning of new hope. In the tallness of World War II. the federal authorities constructed the Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee which chiefly helped in developing the atomic bomb that aided the terminal of the war ( ThingsToDo. com and Solutions ) . Besides. in that same period. dikes and steam workss were at the same time constructed throughout the province and Tennessee was non spared to hold one. Because of the flourishing industries in the province. it encouraged new 1s that accordingly lead to higher rate of employment and it became one of the greatest turning economic systems in the South. Before the heat of the war can take topographic point. We will write a custom essay sample on Tennessee History Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page an aeroplane company was built in Tennessee which ahead aimed to make civilian aeroplanes. But. when he war broke out. it instantly transformed into edifice military planes. By 1943. more than 7. 000 people worked for the company and moved to Nashville. Most of the workers are adult females. ( Kids ) The chief alteration that happened in Tennessee during the war was that. it became one of the four sites to be chosen as a location to analyze and develop a weapon—the atomic bomb. With the freshly constructed Norris Dam which produced big ( and perchance surplus ) sums of electricity for the town. Anderson County was chosen to be the site for the works needed a comparatively immense sum of electricity for power. As the fabrication workss were built. 1000s of people were brought in from all over the US to work at the installation and they were all housed in all types of constructions. Because of the inflow that this sudden migration created. Oak Ridge became the 5th largest metropolis in Tennessee. ( Kids ) Because of this. there was a really high rate of employment and industry build-up in the province. Many people had occupations which contributed to the faster growing of the economic system of Tennessee. Undoubtedly. Tennessee became a immense participant in the history of America but furthermore. in the history of the universe. Although it is popularly known for state music. it has much more to offer than that. It has an astonishing history and a civilization that has became its individuality. Plants Cited: Childs. Tennessee History for. â€Å"Part Four: The Great Depression and the World War Ii. † 2006. ThingsToDo. com. and Software Solutions. â€Å"State History. † 2006.

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