Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Aquaculture essays

Aquaculture essays Aquaculture is the way of the future. As ocean organisms numbers are decreasing rapidly due to the mouthes of humans and the population of humans is rising dromatically there is only one soulotion that is aquaculture. The purpose of this report is to explain the outlines of team multistrand science growing facility. Barramundi are protoandrous hermaphrodites which in English states that they start life as males, reaching maturity at around 3 to 4 years of age and later change SEX and become chicks, usually at around age 5 they live best in water temperatures at 26-30 degrees. Small fish are almost exclusively male with the percentage of females increasing with overall length. Farming Barramundi succesfully require certain environment temperatures and conditions which are  ¡V X Established Hatchery Techniques- Barramundi produce from 30-40 million eggs in a large female so spawining techniques would be induced either with or without hormones. X Ability to be held in captivity at high densities- Barramundi can be kept in very high numbers so long as they are around the same size for they are canabulistic. X Rapid and uniform growth- Barramundi are capable of becoming pan size (35cm) in twelve months. X Ammendable to artificial feeding- Barramundi accept pelletted feeds. X Effiecient food conversion ratio- feeding them enough to put on wieght and not waste the food in the water. X Non Cannibalistic- Barramundi will eat each other when they get the chance if it ¡s a smaller fish so they must kept with the same size roughly. X Disease Resistant- Barrundis must be kept in an adequete environment so they may not tire and contract diseases. X High Meat Recovery- Barramundi have a fairly high meat recovery rate roughly around 40%. But that is on a large scale production compared to our school setup of two tanks with fourteen fish in it. Our te ...

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