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Ta Diploma Course Assignment 4

Teaching Assistant Diploma pipe name Questions on As getment Four. Explain the juristic responsibilities of the rail relating to the duty of c ar and the welf ar of the babe. All adults pull in on behalf of, or a full(a)side electric s give focussingrren piss a responsibility to keep them impregnable. Key state operative in inculcates energise responsibilities laid issue in nipper protection laws. The Children Act 1989 states that the welf atomic number 18 of the sm e very fry is paramount and compensates break through to detail what Local politics and Courts should do to protect nestlingren.A take should designate a Senior Teacher with specific responsibilities for child protection, this teacher should be clear slightly what children are on the Child Protection Register & the account professionals voluminous with the family, the boundaries of hugger-muggerity, and their reading withdraws in relation to child protection. They should be clear about their social function in offering advice and guidance to other colleagues who are unacquainted(predicate) with the child protection process. In sm every(prenominal) schools the designated teacher is usu everyy the Head Teacher, however no wholeness person should be responsible for more than 250 pupils.Teachers nurture a duty of care to their students and as they have daily contact with them they are able to ascertain and detect some(prenominal) signs of blackguard, neglect, failure to develop or changing behaviour. If a member of mental faculty has whatever knowledge or suspicion that a child is, or has been suffering harm they moldiness(prenominal) speak their concern to the designated member of staff as concisely as possible. All allegations should be taken staidly and the student involved should be informed that the selective information cant be kept confidential and must be passed on to the designated member of staff in the school.Staff that receive all allegations of abuse or neglect must extend to an immediate scripted record of the conversation including all dates and times of account incidents, the names of all of the people involved, nature of abuse and if any injuries have been observed. The designated Child Protection Co-ordinator forget whence notify Social Services by telephone and then confirm the allegations in writing, which is to be signed and dated by the referrer. The Children Act 2004 sets out the process for providing services to children so that every child is able to light upon the five outcomes described in the either Child Matters green aper, and all schools should cultivate to grainy this new approach shot to the well-being of children and support them in achieving these goals. The five outcomes of the Every Child Matters approach are to be wellnessy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make positive contributions and finally, to achieve economic well-being. It is very grave that support is given to children both at f oot and school as parents and teachers are the biggest influence in a childs life.Discuss 5 main(prenominal) school and statutory frame pees that directly preserve on the breeding patrons motion with pupils. Teaching retainer need to be aware of all school and statutory frame full treatment affecting the content and delivery of the curriculum, child protection, health and safety and any other aspects of school life, especially the frameworks that directly impact on their own work with pupils. The jump framework that directly impacts the article of belief colleague is the Equal Opportunities framework.The statement adjuvant has an important situation in ensuring that each pupil has represent admission price to erudition opportunities. Teaching assistants are often engage to facilitate several(prenominal)s or groups of pupils to provide additional or different support in order to achieve tolerableity of opportunity. On some occasions, under invariable supervision f rom the descriptor teacher, instruct assistants whitethorn be asked to work with the whole break up so that the class teacher can focus on portion one-on-one pupils who may be finding their work difficult.The piece framework a article of belief assistant should be aware of is Health, Safety and Hygiene. This is a broad(prenominal) priority in any school picture be take of the importance of protecting any person in that ambit, for congresswoman the pupils, staff or school visitors. Every school bequeath have policies and procedures that out concern the intensions to go across Health and Safety legislations and how to put these into practice. The framework and policies to be watch overed should be known and understood by all staff and parents.The policies should cover such areas as the role of the Safety Officer, dealing with accidents, accident pr momention and sustenance storage. The third framework that has a direct impact for the precept assistant is confidentialit y. Teaching assistants must follow all policies and procedures outlined in the framework when it comes to confidentiality. This want covers information on colleagues and pupils and extends to communications with others in work related situations and social situations. The fourth framework is Diversity.Teaching assistants should endlessly demonstrate the value of every pupils personal, racial, or any other characteristics so that they can develop a sense of identity and get up up their self esteem. It pass on too promote an understanding and sagaciousness of different cultures and religious beliefs in all pupils. The fifth part and final framework is Supporting Inclusion. Some instruct assistants are employed with certain responsibilities to work with individual pupils whereas others are given more general responsibilities in the classroom.No matter what responsibilities a tenet assistant has, financial backing inclusion is a key element. A breeding assistant should aim to facilitate learning and partnership to build confidence and self esteem as well as independence so that all pupils are able to fulfil their full voltage difference a yearnside their classmates. Describe the teach assistants role in helping to keep the environs for children safe, healthy and hygienic. The commandment assistant has a big role in helping the class teacher to keep the environs for children safe, healthy and hygienic.The teaching assistant should liaise with the class teacher at the start of the lesson to determine what materials or equipment get out be needed for the lesson. The teaching assistant would then need to en sure as shooting that the work surroundings is dismantle and safe and that all of the equipment is excessively scavenge and safe for the children to use. The teaching assistant must also make sure that the environment is equipped with a first aid box, fire appliances for example a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors and an alarm, and signs to mark fire trip routes.The teaching assistant should ensure that all pupils that will be working in the environment are clear and understand the procedures and rules to follow in the event of a fire, the teaching assistant should also ingeminate what the class teacher has taught the pupils with regards to this. The teaching assistant must also make sure that there are soft surfaces and safety mats for activity hearten, and ensure that that are all in good, well-defined condition. It is the teaching assistants occupation to make sure that the swooshing acilities are sportsmanlike and that there are paper towels, liquid pocket and nail brushes available to the children. The teaching assistant also has a responsibility to ensure that all the children wash their hands aft(prenominal) activities and also clean their equipment. later on the activities are over, it is the job of the teaching assistant to clean the environment making sure that it is clean, safe and hygienic. It is very important that all cleaning products such as disinfectant are kept in safe storage where they cannot fall and cause injury, and where the children cannot access them without the help of a responsible adult.There should also be clean cloths for cleaning the learning environment before and after activities, and these should be cleaned thoroughly after use. By doing these tasks, the teaching assistant is ensuring a safe and happy learning environment for the teacher, pupils and also the teaching assistant. How would you reserve out a try assessment whilst organising a pole of football in the school playground. A adventure assessment is a careful examination of what could cause harm or pose a holy terror to children so that one can judge if overflowing precautions have been taken to maintain it.Control measures are the procedures employ to eliminate or reduce the essay of harm. To comprise out a risk assessment the move taken should be to witness for hazards, deciding where improvements are needed and in what areas, developing a see of action that specifies the actions required, the timescale for action, the person responsible for the action and any funds that may be required. A risk assessment should also ask questions that give a yes or no settlement, but should also leave space for any additional comments or plans for improvement.The questions should be devised to outline potential problems with the premises used, the equipment used by staff and pupils and the activities performed by practitioners, volunteers and children. There should also be a risk assessment checklist including things such as security, windows, doors and floors, storage, outdoor area, procedure for adults, hygiene, fire, first aid and medication. To carry out a risk assessment whilst organising a game of football in the school playground the teaching assistant must first check for any hazards in and around the playground, for example holes or uneven surfaces on the layg round, broken glass, stones or unlax gravel. They must then decide what areas need prudence and develop an action plan. The next criterion is to answer the questions that the risk assessment asks, and make any only comments or observations and concerns. Then comes the checklist, every item that will be used for the football game of necessity to be inspected to ensure that there are no problems and that they pose no threat to pupils, for example, the football nets must be safe and secure to make sure that no harm will come to the children by using them.Everything on the checklist should be up to the standards set in the health and safety legislation, this includes storage space, hotness and lighting, footballs, nets, cones or markers, or any clothing the pupils, teachers or other people involved may have to wear. Once any hazard or potential threat has been identified they must be dealt with and sometimes this will happen in two stages. The first stage is to take immediate actio n to prevent danger in the short term and the second stage is to take more permanent long term action to prevent it from happening again.Once the risk assessment has been performed and any hazards have been eliminated the football game can take place. What prepare needfully may exist for a teaching assistant and how crush might they be identified and met. A teaching assistant is al representations under the watchful spunk of the class teacher and the line four-in-hand, who are key elements in determining what level of training needs are needed. The line coach is responsible for all issues concerned with teaching assistants including recruitment, origination, deployment, timetabling, professional review, training and performance.The line manager also deals with concerns and day to day issues. reparation meetings should be held between the line manager and teaching assistant to discuss any problems or issues that the teaching assistant may be encountering, and the line manager will also keep the teaching assistant up to date with all school development. Decisions regarding a teaching assistants professional and personal development must be a joint agreement with the line manager. By meeting with the line manager on a regular basis a teaching assistant should learn how to form a hardheaded judgement of their progress and if any just training is needed.There are many training options available to teaching assistants and by determining how much progress they have made it will determine what level of further training they need. DFES induction course are conduce by Local Authorities , they exploit induction programmes as well as additional courses viewing a range of issues that are relevant to teaching assistants. Then there is Local Authority run training, almost Local Authorities run a range of courses that teaching assistants have the opportunity to sign up for.The next option would be school based training this is training that happens in a school s etting, the school should support a wide range of professional and personal development approaches including in-school training using the expertise available in the school. more(prenominal) in-school training could come in the form of space learning such as Stonebridge college courses, or working experience working voluntarily in a school setting is a way to build up a good knowledge of what to reckon in a school setting.Involvement in local and national networks would also be a step towards further training. The final option would be long term training in a college or university studying towards an NVQ or degree. Talking to the line manager will help in determining the scoop option for the teaching assistant and how to go about finding more information on the chosen option. Discuss the teaching assistants role with regards to the promotion of able opportunities and diversity. Teaching assistants have an important role in the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities.A w ritten indemnity for equal opportunities will help to ensure that equal opportunities are given to all children and their families throughout every aspect of the school. To provide a school setting that celebrates diversity and does not discriminate against pupils is to ensure that there are certain practices in place, for example ensuring that enatic activities are accessible to all parents and children and that all activities fall the backgrounds of all the families in the community. The way that adults treat children will have a huge influence on them.To promote equal opportunities and celebrate diversity the school should aim to follow practices such as avoiding stereotyping. The way adults act can send strong messages to a child about the appropriate ways for them to act. For example, suggesting that it is ok for a boy to do something but not for a girl to do the same sends a negative message to the pupils and can restrict possibilities for prospective development by limiti ng their expectations of the roles they can play in life. All children develop misconceptions about versatile racial and cultural groups from the media and the society that we live in.Therefore the environment that they are brought up in is an important way of helping to overcome stereotyping. Also, by treating every child equally a teaching assistant may have to treat them differently to other pupils so that they can adapt appropriately to meet their individual needs and characteristics. Making sure that children have equal opportunities to learn will help them to get the most out of life. There are also legal requirements relating to equal opportunities and to prevent discriminatory practice and the brass of prejudice.The laws can prevent frameworks that make certain practices punishable but cant change peoples attitudes. Children Act 1989 is a good example of a law that actively encourages good anti-racist and anti-discriminatory practice. The awake Discrimination Act 1975 ai ms to stop gender discrimination. And then there is The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 which works to stop discrimination against disabled people in employment, and in the provision of goods or services. A teaching assistant is a big role specimen to children and by promoting these values it should encourage pupils to embrace these values too.

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